Moandi LDA is a portuguese company that offers a complete solution for your Real Estate projects. From helping the buyers to purchase the best property at the right price to all aspects of renovations and property management and maintenance.

Real Estate Consulting

We have been purchasing properties in Portugal since 2017 while guiding and supporting buyers to find the most suitable real estate project at the right price.We also provide real estate consulting for institutional investors and offer our expertise to assess and realise the hidden potential of real estate projects in Portugal.


We provide renovations services with a focus on historical buildings, individual apartments and vacation home. With extensive experience, our team is able to renovate and restore all types of homes and buildings. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of work supported by efficient project management.

Property Management
& Maintenance

We focus on medium to long-term rental management of properties. Our services covers every aspect and impact of the rental process for owners, from the relationship with the tenant to insuring a high quality maintenance of the properties. An optimised property management is a property that can generate more income and be more sustainable.


Tv. da Pereira 39 r/c
1170 312 Lisboa

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